Shows and publicities


Birthday and Private parties
in many different clubs in Canada, USA, Europe
La Comedia, Le Cannet
La Cascade, Marseille
Canadian Tire, Toronto, Canada

Show at Leonarda Da Vinci, Montreal, Canada

Private parties at Plaza Crowne, Montreal, Canada

Private parties at Weston Bristol Place, Toronto, Canada

Sobeys, private corporation, Toronto, Canada

Walmart, Toronto, Canada - McDonald, Toronto, Canada

Enterprise, Toronto, Canada - Staples, Toronto, Canada

Women's house serving Bruce & Gray, Kincardine, Canada

Hilton Garden Inn, Woodbridge, Canada

Tassimo, Tim Hortons, Toronto, Canada

Scotia Bank, Coors, Toronto, Canada

Revera, Canon, Toronto, Canada

Home dépôt, Private corporation, Toronto, Canada

Pub for Workopolis, Rogers, Keg, Toronto, Canada

Suzuki, Ford, Toronto, Canada

TV France, Le mur infernal, Coyote, France

Le Séminaire, France

Sunburst Convention, Florida, US

Bombay Palace, Toronto, Canada

Goodlife, Toronto, Canada

Lifescan, Mccann Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada

McDonald, Toronto, Canada

Unicef, Toronto, Canada

Bank of Montreal, cossette communications, Toronto, Canada

Subaru, O.P.C. Cossette communications, Toronto, Canada

General Mills, BC productions Inc., Toronto, Canada

Budweiser, Toronto, Canada

Powerstream Christmas Party, Hilton Garden Inn, Toronto, Canada

Roxy theatre Owen & sound, Toronto, Canada

TV commercial "comcast" for USA

TV show à "la locale" Paris, France

Discothèque "le Festival" à Pont L’Evèque, France

Private party in Venicia, Italia

Spectacle St- Sylvestre à Angerville, France

Telethon AFM à Andorre, Andorre

I was so happy to meet the Queen of Rock & Roll "unforgettable"

Light stand-in "doublure" for TINA TURNER

TV commercial "Wetten Dass" ZDF Germany

HAND DOUBLE for TINA TURNER "Wetten Dass" ZDF Germany

What an experience to meet the Queen

 Nuit spéciale des sosies. Discothèque "Le Sphinx" à Thaon les Vosges.

Private party in Brighton, England

Private corporation Stenford financial group in Zurick, Switzerland

Concert pour Chronopost à Marcoussy en France

TV France 3 "J’y vais, j’y vais pas" Paris, France

Private party "les écuries de la gaume" Belgium

Private corporation for Luxpet sa. Luxembourg

Shows in different clubs in France

Different Private parties and discotheque in Europe

Le mec à dame à TQS, Montréal, Québec

Concert and promotion video for Toyota, in Toronto, Canada

Supermarket opening in Guadeloupe, Caribbean

Print work for Bell Canada, Montreal, Canada

Print work for Jamaican Rhum, Montreal, Canada

Video corporatif for Air Canada, Montreal, Canada

Print work for Caisse de dépôt, Montreal, Canada

Vidéo "l’autobus" pour STCUM, Montreal, Canada

Journal Electric Learning for Tech Byte, Montreal, Canada

Promotion for Upjohn, Montreal, Canada

Emission de bonne humeur à Télémétropole, Montreal, Canada

Quebec Woman in the arts for CFCF, Montreal, Canada

Surprise, surprise for TQS, Montreal, Canada

Telethon -paralysie cérébrale à Télémétropole, Montreal, Canada

Téléthon - dystrophie musculaire à Télémétropole, Montreal, Canada

Les anges du matin à Radio Quebec, Québec, Canada

Wow à Radio-Canada, Montreal, Canada

Montréal en direct à TQS, Montreal, Canada

Jolie à croquer à Télémétropole, Montreal, Canada

TV commercial for the ministry of education, Montreal, Canada

Emission les Nuls Canal+ à Paris, France

TV commercial for RCA record co. in Los Angeles

Print work for Scotia Bank , Toronto, Canada

TV commercial for Sprint Canada in Toronto, Canada

Shows in different club in Canada, USA, Europe

Award gala dinner at Hyatt regency Hotel In Vancouver, Canada

Gala dinner at Ritz Carlton, Montreal, Canada

Concert Red parrot in New York, USA etc

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