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Tina Turner impersonator 

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  "The look, the sound, the moves, the legs. You deserve the best"

Tribute to Tina Turner


By Manouchka

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Tina Turner impersonator



Manouchka interprets the greatest hits of Tina Turner. 100% live Backed by tracks or band. 

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"Let me put a little shimmer in your atmosphere"


How I came to be a Tina Turner impersonator


My parents took me to my first concert. I was seven years old, and from then on I had a single ambition – to sing and act! Long hours we spent, my older sister and I, locked in my bedroom after school, singing and acting, and pretending. I held onto that dream. After college in Montreal, I took singing, dancing and acting classes, and I started to get acting gigs here and there. My dream was coming true.

I was becoming a tiny star in my own universe when suddenly it all came crashing down on me. My sister, my soul-mate, was murdered. Married to an abusive man, I had tried to warn her, but like too many women in our society, she was the victim of her own unselfish heart.  In the end, I proved powerless to help her. My world was shattered, my voice stilled, and my own heartbeat to a new rhythm – calling out to a vanished soul through an empty land.

 I was young still. I had no desire to sing, but I found salvation in the birth of my daughter. Perhaps God repays womankind for the injustice life requires us to face by the mystic act of giving life. In any case, I was at peace.

And there was Tina Turner – at the height of her career.  A woman, I discovered, who had risen above the same spousal abuse my sister had succumbed to. People around me were talking about Tina, and about how much I resembled her, and the more I learned about her, the more she intrigued me.  I saw her live in concert and that was it – I was in love! I adored the sound of her voice which I found so similar to mine, the way that she moved and danced on stage, and at that moment, I could not deny the striking resemblance between us.

Impersonating another artist had never been my goal in life, but there I was, listening and watching and learning the details of another woman’s performance, and what a performance it is! When I portray that vitality, that unvanquished spirit, and that sensuality on stage – to bring it to an audience who may never get to see Tina live, or someone that through good fortune, has seen her, and can be reminded, then I do what I have set out to do – to pay homage and tribute to a great human being who has touched my life so profoundly, and of course, just as importantly, to give you, my audience, what you deserve – a very, very, good time.